Belgriego Ensemble

Love for playing music was the common denominator which brought together seven friends and their instruments to form Belgriego, an ensemble aiming to highlight traditional sounds and also to create new ones in a more classical combination.

Belgriego was born from the need to be able to combine classical music with traditional music. Improvisation and making arrangements are a fundamental part of the essence of this group, which means that experimentation and creative growth is constant. The members of the ensemble seek to cross the limits we are used to live. In this way, Belgriego offers the audience a new way of looking folk music, it blends a classical background with the energy and enthusiasm of young people willing to conserve, disseminate and enjoy our musical roots.

 Belgriego is a multicultural group made up of musicians from Greece, Spain and Belgium who play melodies from various European countries. This mixture of cultures and sonorities makes the versatility and diversity of the group being reflected in their unique sound.

With its first project, called Mare Nostrum, Belgriego has had the opportunity to play in several locations in Belgium such as Brussels, Antwerp or Hasselt. This project combines traditional melodies from countries bathed in the Mediterranean such as Greece, Italy or Spain. Belgriego is a recurring group in festivals such as “Intermusicas” or “De Zomer van Antwerpen”, held in Zomerfabriek (Antwerp).

An important fact is that the international ensemble is the group in residence of the project entitled “4 traditions of the mandolin in Greece”, production created by Elina and Maria Markatatou. After an extensive research they have managed to recover and arrange several scores to preserve the culture of this instrument so special alive. This has allowed the ensemble to work with composers, singers and musicians specialized in Greek music and perform the music in countries such as Greece and Ukraine.

At the moment they are developing new projects with composers and guest musicians from countries such as Albania, Belgium, Greece or Spain.

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