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The four traditions of the mandolin in Greece”
Sunday 24 March at 19:00
Vasilko Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater , Odessa Ukraine

The performance is aimed to present the Greek cultural heritage and traditions from four different regions of Greece in order to show and preserve musical traditions as well as introduce a new idea of ​​musical heritage performed by young talented musicians with different temperaments and cultural identities.

In Greece, the use of mandolins to express local musical traditions dates back to the end of the XIX century and is associated with four regions: Asia Minor, Athens, the Ionian Islands and Island of Crete.  Due to its geographical position, Greece is traditionally a crossroads of cultures and peoples.  Given the fact that Greece was a country that had been under the domination of other countries for more than four centuries, this led to a multilateral interpenetration of cultures.  This can also be found in the musical diversity of the influences by different cultures, and the repertoire of mandolin music shows an impressive variety of rhythms, harmony and melodies due to the creative exploration of both Oriental and Western European tunes, on the one hand, and demonstrates some differences between the four traditions, on the other hand.

Mandolin: Elina Markatatou, Maria Markatatou
Guitar: Manolis Fragiadakis
Violin: Barbara Bergillos Castillo
Viola: Eleni Tsiotsiou
Cello: Beatriz Laborda Gonzalez
Song:  Rodanthy Kaskafetou, Arsenis Gionis
Participation: Dance group of the BHFC

The performance is sponsored by the Boumbouras Foundation.
Free tickets are available at the branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture -Krasny Provulok , 20. tel.: (0482) 357-136

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